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NFPA Fall Meeting

Fostering Futures-KFACA representatives will be attending the National Foster Parent Association (NFPA) Fall Meeting in Reston, VA this October. In addition to the regular CoSA (Council of State Affiliates) Meeting with other advocacy organizations from across the nation and the NFPA Board Meeting, Melinda McGuire and Becky Mullins will be meeting with Congressional Representatives in Washington, DC about issues faced by children in out-of-home care and the families that serve them.

Melinda McGuire serves as KFACA's Representative on the Council of State Affiliates. Becky Mullins serves as a board member to the National Foster Parent Association Board of Directors.


    Upcoming Events

    Meetings with new sub associations. These meetings will be instrumental in structure and support of new foster parent organizations.

    Monthly CoSA meetings.

    NFPA Monthly Board and Committee meetings.

    NFPA & CoSA Fall Meetings-Reston, VA     October 2023

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